How to Create a Listing Planner

You can create a custom Listing Planner in just a few minutes by following these simple steps:

Create a list of targeted home buyers. You should know who to target: active buyers, past clients and investors. Then, blast the listing to your advertising list. It isn’t necessary to advertise your listing on every social media outlet; pick two or three and concentrate on those. In addition, you can include other important information about the neighborhood. Pricing is a major marketing strategy, yet many agents do not consider it a priority when creating their marketing plan.

Link your Listings to your Inventory Planner. In the ‘Listing connection’ dropdown, select Shopify. After the import process, you will see the results and any errors. Drag and drop the CSV file into the import section to combine listings. Listings will be matched by their Master SKUs. When done, click ‘Combine Listings’ to combine the information for all warehouses. Once combined, all listings will be merged into one.

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