Fume Extra – The Original Disposable E-Cigarette

The FUME Extra is the original disposable e-cigarette. Its seamless design provides up to 1500 puffs of flavor in one go. The 850 mAh battery and 6.5mL salt nicotine liquid pod allow for a smooth, quiet draw. To use, simply peel off the top sticker and remove the rubber stopper. If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, you’ll need to speak with a health professional before using the FUME Extra. FUME Extra contains nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

Disposable vape

If you’re tired of having to deal with the mess and hassle of cleaning up after using a reusable e-cigarette, try a disposable vape. A Fume Extra disposable vape is available in several styles to meet your needs. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including snorting, smoking, and vaping on the go. This e-cigarette comes with a battery life of up to 1,500 puffs.

The Fume Extra disposable e-cigarette is one of the originals and has a sleek, seamless design. The 650mAh battery and 6.5ml of salt nicotine liquid in each pod provide a great deal of flavor and are made to last for at least 1500 puffs. Unlike other e-cigarettes that require a charging station, the FUME Extra is very quiet to use. To use the Fume Extra, you will first need to remove the rubber stopper on the top sticker.

5ml of liquid

The Fume Extra has a prefilled pod system and up to 1,500 puffs of nic-salt e-liquid. The e-liquid is a fresh, sweet blend of blueberry and mint with an ice texture. Its prefilled pod system and 850mAh built-in battery enable users to vape all day without having to refill it. This disposable vape pen is a great way to experiment with a variety of flavors without having to purchase a large supply of e-liquid.

850mah battery

The Fume Extra 850mAh battery pre-filled disposable pod vape has a 1500 puff capacity. This pre-filled pod comes in a convenient pocket size that is easier to carry than a traditional cigarette. The pods are filled with a tasty e-liquid that contains 5.0% nicotine by volume and last for about 500 puffs. If you want to quit smoking, the Fume Extra may be the perfect device for you.

The Fume Extra disposable vape is a 510-approved vape with a large 850mah battery. This is three times larger than the battery of other disposable vapes, and provides three times the liquid capacity and battery life. The Fume Extra comes pre-filled with 50mg of E-juice, so it should last you the entire day. However, note that Fume’s cartridges contain nicotine, which may cause reproductive harm or birth defects in fetuses.

7.5 packs of cigarettes

Fume EXTRA vape pens contain the equivalent of 7.5 packs of cigarettes. This e-cigarette pen has three times the liquid capacity and battery life as the average disposable. For a pack-a-day cigarette smoker, that should last for at least a week! What’s more, this product is available in various flavors. Whether you’re looking to kick the habit or just want to cut back on your cigarette intake, the Fume EXTRA has you covered.

Nicotine content

If you’re thinking about purchasing a vaporizer, you may have questions about the nicotine content in fume extra. The original disposable e-cigarette, Fume Extra, features a seamless design with a 6.5-mL salt nicotine liquid pod, 850mAh battery, and quiet draw technology. While it does have a nicotine content of about 2 mg per puff, it’s not as high as many other vaporizers. In addition, it’s important to consult with a health professional before using Fume Extra. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, so it’s important to avoid using any vaporizer without the guidance of a medical professional.

For many, the convenience of a disposable vape pen makes Fume Extra an excellent option. It’s easy to use, offers more nicotine than Juuls, and is incredibly pocket-friendly. The 850mAh built-in battery powers the Fume EXTRA Disposable, making it easy to carry anywhere you go. It also produces decent clouds and is available in 27 flavor choices. Because it contains nicotine salts, the Fume EXTRA is a good choice for those who want to quit smoking without the risk of harmful side effects.

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