Endodontics and Root Canal Therapy

Dentist Jenkins KY is one of the leading endodontists in the country. He is located in Cynonite, Kentucky. The area has been a popular destination for many years for dentists. The population is aging and the number of people living here is expected to continue to grow. As more people move to this area, the number of dentists in KY will increase.

Dentist Jenkins KY offers all types of services from routine cleanings, root canals and teeth whitening to emergency care. In order to perform the required procedures, he must have all the necessary equipment. This includes endodontic chairs, supplies, gum brushes, syringes, gloves, and trays. To perform the necessary procedures, endodontists must be equipped with the latest technology including camera systems. These are vital to the process because they are capable of providing images of the tooth being removed or of the root canal being performed.

An endodontist removes the affected tooth through the use of a drill called an endodontic drill. It is possible to extract teeth from adults and teenagers. In some severe cases, the chewing muscles will die and the remaining tooth will have to be extracted by surgery. The procedure usually takes less than one hour. The dental pulp will be removed through a small hole in the gum.

The entire process, from beginning to end, will seem very overwhelming to the patient. Luckily, there are many options available to those who wish to have endodontic surgery. Some require hospitalization and others just require an overnight stay at a dentist’s office. Sedation dentistry is preferred by most because it allows the patient to relax while the procedure is performed. The dentist is simply going to disconnect the patient’s jaw from its bone. They then numb the area, while they perform the necessary procedures.

Dental implants are one option for endodontic care in Kentucky. If the patient has healthy gums, the dentist will use a titanium screw that fits into the gum. The screw will be connected to a titanium abutment that fits into the jaw bone. This screw and abutment are usually combined with other surgical components. One type of combination includes a traditional cast that is used to create a small artificial tooth in the jaw bone. A dental implant is created by surgically inserting the screw into a bone socket.

The benefits of having this type of endodontics are that the patient experiences less discomfort and is able to fully concentrate on the rest of their daily activities after the procedure. Dentist Jenkins KY is a qualified professional who performs endodontic treatments in Collierville. If you have any type of teeth concerns, contact him for a free consultation.

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